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SEE Engineering

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency (SEE) Engineering is an initiative designed to provide a controlled, measured and continuous process of implementing, assessing and documenting procedures to achieve maximum energy efficiency, coupled with ongoing monitoring and performance reporting for the operation of the Mechanical Services, BMCS/DDC Systems and support services installed in the customer's facility.



The SEE comprises the following:

  • Performance Bench-Marking (of system performance and efficiency).
  • Performance Measurement and Evaluation (of systems operation and efficiency).
  • Documentation and Reporting.
  • Identification of system(s) inefficiencies and potential performance improvements.
  • Submission of proposed system(s) modifications and costs (if applicable).
  • Management approval processes.
  • Implementation and documentation of system(s) modifications.
  • Assessment of operational and/or efficiency improvements.


These improvements include the implementation of real time Energy Management applications strategies to control your system efficiently.