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econtrol is a CBD based BMCS Integrator and Mechanical Services business. We deliver systems and advanced engineering management capabilities for customers in the BMCS Integration and Mechanical Services domains.


We specialise in building services including BMCS, Access Control, Emergency Power Generation Systems, Mechanical Electrical systems and Mechanical Services.


Building Automation
Building Automation
Mechanical Services
Mechanical Services
System Support
System Support

Core Capabilities


  • Building Automation.
  • System integration.
  • Energy Management.
  • Systems engineering.
  • Access Control
  • Plant Modernisation.
  • Emergency Power Generation.
  • Maintenance services and System Support.


We provide a work environment which is designed to enhance the skills our people bring to the organisation. We provide genuine career advancement opportunities; competitive salary packages; training and development opportunities; team-based project work; and the autonomy and responsibility to get the job done.


We believe that the success of econtrol is built by the members of our team.


If you are interested in Project Management and Engineering - Automation and Access Control, please direct your inquire to Andrew Bremer:


For System Support and Maintenance - Mechanical Services and Emergency Power Generation, contact Ian Ward:


To join our System Support and Maintenance -  Automation and Access Control team, contact Jonathon Igacz: au

For System Sales and Marketing positions please contact Doug Munro:

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